Clean code

In a desperate search for advanced programming tutorials , my co-worker Igor had suggest a great reading material, by Robert C. Martin – “Clean Code”.

While this book is based around Java, it does not stop me from applying the same principles for my python development.

So far,  am almost at the end of the book, around chapter 12, but already had used an saw great improvement with my current projects. I now look back at my old code, and think GOSH… how could i even write that ? But we had all been there before, and this is a great way to see progress.

My asus UX303UB

Okay, so today is the first day when i got my asus notebook.

it had been about 4 or 5 years since the last time i have upgraded my portable platform. it is now that time of initial setup and “getting it right” moment, but as usual things will crash, stop working and so on and on. we have all been there at some point in past 🙂  So off  i go to a decent start 🙂

the first blog

hello, this is going to be  link to resource that will be eventually forgotten… but i would like to keep it around, for just in case moment.  anyone who will ever come about this link on the web… contact me if you want, or don’t. if you don’t want.

the main purpose for this is to share and to keep the technical RnD that i do from time to time. it is most likley will be very basic. as most of what i do is under NDA, and i will never be able to share this with the real world.

it sucks, but this is the game i choose to play and the industry i love.

I respect the rules and enjoy working with companies all around the globe, and i choose to continue.