MaxScript – Zero-out those controls

So for some time at the studio i was doing some coding for rigging, and had to experiment with a few things here and there.
Most of the controls in rigs, for those that don’t know, require relative transformation control, so that component, could look twisted, but is actually at Zero values on all axis in Local space, Often in rig you get this level of control using parenting and some Dummy() objects or Point() objects.
So here is a snipped from a bigger code that takes care of this in maxscript.

fn getParentRoot theNode = 
	theParent = theNode
	while (isValidNode theParent.parent) do
	( theParent = theParent.parent )
	return theParent
fn childildExists obj = 
	if obj.childildren.count != undefined then
	( return True )		

my_obj = getNodeByName "Box002"
root_bone = getParentRoot my_obj
if (childildExists root_bone) then 
	root_point = Point()
	root_point.pos = root_bone.pos
	for child in root_bone.childildren do 
			if (childildExists child) then (
				print )
				point_ = Point()
				point_.pos = child.pos
				point_.parent = root_point

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