About that GDC talk i did while working in New Zealand

Okay, so at the time it was all calm and everything was just fine, i had been doing some routine work at the studio, making sure our deliverables were on time and that artists could talk to programmers 😉

When our PR had sent out email asking for volunteers to present at an upcoming New Zealand GDC… No real alarms had been going off in my head, and i safely ignored this email and carried on with my duties.

A little time later, i had to take a several interviews for Technical Artists positions that we had opened at the time, and most of the interviews where via Skype.  While being all confident with my skills and that my bosses recognized a TRUE ME in ME 🙂 (lol) , i made a huge list of tech-questions that i was using to “filter” the right candidate. To my surprise, most of the candidates failed… Very few were able to even come close to some of the tech questions i had. And as for me, those were quite standard, considering that position for a Senior Level too.

Now, let me get that email from PR-Lady again… and Listen – i want to do this talk, I have a great topic, is what i replied.

Here it is…

Go from Student to Technical Artist


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